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Vehicle Diagnostics in Shepperton, Sunbury and Throughout Surrey

Has one of your dashboard lights started flashing? We understand the concerns that go through your head when this happens. However, illuminated dashboard lights rarely, if ever, reset themselves. Modern vehicles are technologically advanced machines. With an onboard computer processor, microchips and a network of sensors, it’s easier than ever for your car to identify its own faults. When a problem surfaces, the relevant dashboard light flashes, and it’s time to visit T & S Autos for a vehicle diagnostics check.

Our garage in Shepperton is the trusted choice for motorists in Sunbury, Walton-on-Thames and the surrounding Surrey areas. We have invested in cutting-edge diagnostic equipment, so we can identify issues on all makes and models of cars and vans. When combined with our mechanics’ shared experience of over 50 years, there’s no problem we can’t resolve.

While it’s essential to undertake vehicle diagnostics checks when a dashboard light flashes, it’s advisable to carry out this service on an annual basis regardless. Along with MOT testing and car servicing, this ensures your vehicle maintains optimal performance and safety.

What are Vehicle Diagnostics?

Your car’s electronic system constantly monitors all aspects of vehicular performance. When the sensors detect an issue, the system illuminates a light on the dashboard. This alerts you to the need for professional attention.

With an exhaustive list of potential problems, it’s impossible to tell exactly what the error is by simply looking at the light. We recommend that all motorists in Surrey have a basic understanding of what their dashboard lights mean. However, only specialist diagnostics equipment can read the underlying causes.

When you bring your car or van to our garage, we insert vehicle diagnostics equipment into its ECU. Our mechanics then download the stored error codes and cross-reference them against the manufacturer’s guidelines. This allows us to pinpoint exactly what is wrong with your vehicle.

From here, we then present the most effective repair solution. Our mechanics cover all general car repairs, so we can undertake the necessary work with your approval.

What are the Benefits of Vehicle Diagnostics?

Our diagnostics service provides numerous benefits for motorists in Shepperton, Sunbury and the wider Surrey area. Chief among these is the rapid turnaround time. Because your car’s ECU stores the error codes, all we need to do is download and decipher them. This points us in the right direction of the damage without the need for a much longer manual fault-finding process.

In addition to saving you time, this makes diagnostics a more cost-effective service. The less labour we dedicate to your work, the cheaper it is for you.

This cost-effectiveness extends to the repairs themselves. Your car’s electronic system flags issues at the earliest opportunity. In most cases, this means it draws your attention to a small fault.

By visiting T & S Autos for a swift diagnosis, you benefit from more affordable costs and a faster resolution when compared with letting the issue develop.

What Faults Can Vehicle Diagnostics Find?

A diagnostic check at T & S Autos can identify a wide range of problems. Fixing these quickly ensures you remain safe on the roads of Shepperton, Sunbury and the neighbouring areas. 

Some of the most common diagnostics issues include:

  • Engine Issues

  • Fuel Injector Performance

  • Engine Timing Problems

  • Engine RPM Levels

  • Issues with the Crankshaft

  • Air and Coolant Temperature

  • Camshaft Position

  • Brake Problems

  • Engine Management Issues

Call us on 01932 566 055 for more information about vehicle diagnostics in Shepperton, Sunbury and the surrounding Surrey areas.