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Vehicle Diagnostics and Car Repairs in Sunbury | The Benefits of Choosing a Local Independent Garage Over a Dealership

When you need to schedule an MOT testing or car servicing, do you look for a local independent garage or a main dealership? According to a recent survey, more than 70% of motorists in the UK prefer the independent option. Among the benefits outlined by the participants were personable staff, quality of service and more affordable costs.

As a leading local and independent MOT garage operating in Sunbury and the surrounding areas we cover, we take pride in all aspects of our service. From car repairs to vehicle diagnostics, we’re passionate about delivering outstanding results and unmatched customer care.

Below, we have taken a deeper look at what makes an independent garage a better choice than a dealership.

If you need to schedule your annual MOT testing or car servicing, please call us on 01932 566 055.

Reasons to Choose Our Garage Over a Dealership

A Personal Service

T & S Autos is an owner-operated business. We believe in traditional, customer-focused services. Whether you need vehicle diagnostics, car repairs or any other garage services in the local area, you will find a more bespoke solution with us when compared to a dealership.

Main car dealerships welcome many motorists through their doors, so it’s harder for them to form genuine bonds on a personal level. Without this personalised attention, their service can sometimes feel cold.

The Price

It’s widely recognised that you will find a much better price with an independent MOT garage than a main dealership. This doesn’t just apply to MOT testing, but car servicing, associated car repairs and vehicle diagnostics too.

As an independent business, we pride ourselves on being competitively priced, but without any compromise in quality or safety standards.

Friendly Staff

When it comes to the friendliness of staff, we can only talk about ourselves. We understand that you have multiple garages to choose from for your vehicle-related services. That’s why we never take you, or any other customer, for granted. We offer the same warm welcome to everyone, from first-time arrivals to familiar faces.

We haven’t become Sunbury’s trusted MOT garage by chance. Our high levels of repeat custom and direct recommendations are a result of our friendly, yet professional, approach to customer service.

No Upselling

The personnel at main dealerships often undergo special training to learn how to upsell. This means it’s easier for them to convince you to buy services and parts that you don’t need.

We advise you on what you need and nothing more. This is why our MOT testing, car servicing and vehicle diagnostics checks remain so popular. If we find an issue and recommend additional work, you can rest assured that it’s necessary.

Supporting Local Business

This is a motivating factor for many motorists when choosing their MOT garage. The prospect of helping a smaller, owner-operated company to flourish is more appealing than giving money to a large corporation.

Small car repairs, MOT testing and car servicing make a huge difference to the bottom line of independent garages, be they in Sunbury or any other location. Conversely, they have little effect on the profits of a main dealership. In turn, this allows us to reinvest in making our services better, like buying the latest in vehicle diagnostics equipment.

Call us on 01932 566 055 to schedule a visit to our MOT garage. From car repairs to vehicle diagnostics, we provide complete car care for Sunbury motorists.